Getting or Renewing Philippine Passport for 
Senior Citizens

I accompanied my Aunt in getting her passport yesterday.  Before I did, I already processed mine so I know how the typical process works.  I found one blog from Nina at justwandering that mentioned the courtesy lane and I asked the DFA if I could accompany my Aunt and they said I could.  This is one reason to be thankful you are old.  It was fast even if there is no appointment setup.  Including the wait, it took us less than 1 hour.

Requirements are the same see

When you go to DFA office (click here for the map), enter through Gate 3.  Tell the guard senior citizen and if you are there early, they will have you sit call you when the office is open, which is about 730 am.


Go to the 2nd floor, there is a reception area in the courtesy lane and get an application form and fill it out.

Once done give it to the receptionist who will give you a number.  They will point you to the room where you will need to wait for your number and which window you need to go.

Bring all your documents to the window and once approved, you need to go out and enter the door to your left to make a payment.  (PHP950 regular= 20 days; PHP1200 rushed= 10 days).

After payment go back to the Courtesy lane and have your picture taken, signature saved and fingerprint saved.  You are done if you do not want it delivered.  If you want it delivered there is a station near the door to set it up. 

Here is the form front and back.  I think you can print and just bring but if you do, print in one page.  Government Employees and their spouses, as well as Persons with Disabilities, can use this lane too according to the sign on the door.
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